Thursday, March 20, 2008

Burns on the Issues

Below is a handy reference guide to Paul Burns's stance on a host of relevant issues. This page will be updated over time.

Ancient Tentacled Manifestations of Pure Evil - Against
Blowing up the Moon - For
Crime - Against
The Economy - For (sort of)
The First Amendment - iffy
Getting Rid of the Penny - For
Global Warming - Against
Jedi - For
Jessica Alba - For
Kittens - For
Minnesotan Lake Consolidation - For
No Sushi Left Behind Act - For
Sith - Against
Splitting up Pangea - Against


Emperor Palpatine said...

Why you be hatin'

Anonymous said...

Can I be your campaign manager? Please? I promise I'll do a great job!!!!!!!!!!

Brian Buckley said...

Actually, the position is already taken; I'm his campaign manager.

How do you feel about Attorney General? ;-)