Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Paul Burns supports kittens

Earlier today, Burns came out with a firm stance on a controversial issue, issuing this strongly-worded statement:

"Kittens, particularly cute ones, are a valuable national resource, and the record shows I have always been in favor of them and their soft, pretty fur."

Burns went on to describe his own experience with kittens as "cuddly-wuddly."

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kochm said...

Thank you Paul Burns for recognizing the importance of kittens to this great nation. I myself have been a "kittens for fuel" advocate for a number of years. People underestimate the worthiness of kittens as a resource for fuel. They give people energy to get up and go on with their lives in the morning by looking so cute and cuddly wuddly. They are the reason for us to carry on. Thank you Pual Burns for shedding light on this very critical and overlooked issue.