Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Economy is "too complicated"

Paul Burns has long criticized the economy for being too complicated, and he is not about to back down now. In a recent interview, he stated:

"My feeling with the whole 'economy' thing, and the global economy in particular, is that there is just too much stuff going on. Stocks, bonds, futures, options - where does it end? The economy is full of numbers, but let's not forget that math relies heavily on division. My campaign is about unification. That's something the American people can really get behind."

Burns was quick to emphasize that math is not entirely doom and gloom, however, adding that "nearly half of all numbers are positive."

Running-mate Jessica Alba echoed these remarks, but at present could neither confirm nor deny that one is "the loneliest number."


Ben Bernanke said...


kochm said...

I hate numbers! Why can't the economy be expressed in letters? or types of candy or something fun that people will actually pay attention too? Paul you are my hero and have my vote! Burns Power!

cathy said...

if my snot is green, does that mean i have a sinus infection?