Monday, June 30, 2008

Exactly as advertised

Go ahead, try's good for you.

Current Events Sonnet #10 in D Minor

Mugabe "won" the vote his usual way
Zimbabwe's guns still trigger on his whims
He is no more a knight for the U.K.
I don't think anyone feels bad for him.
The North Koreans give us their report
And blow a tower up as well, for fun
In China, tempers high and patience short
The Bill of Rights says you can have a gun.
Bill Gates retires, and cries a little bit
George Carlin's done as well, and also dead
Jolie performs, and Wall-E is a hit
Israel gives prisoner swap the go-ahead.
The Spanish score a giant soccer win;
And in Dubai, they merely want to spin.


Wall-E said...

Well, as my great-grandfather used to say...


Brian Buckley said...

Note to computer geeks: it isn't ASCII. Don't waste your time.