Friday, June 27, 2008

Change you can believe in, and probably make fun of

Great news, loyal readers! We have managed to contact the Obama campaign, and his people finally agreed to show him the Burns For America website. This is a milestone in our campaign! At last, the current frontrunner for President of the United States will hear our voice, read about our cause, understand our passion. And when he does, he will have no choice but to acknowledge our great justice, drop out of the race, and endorse the Paul Burns.

What's this?

Breaking update: I am being told that Barack Obama has just given us his official response to the Burns Campaign! He has had a chance to review our material and has made his statement!

Let's see what he says!

Well, it's a start. Be sure to tune in Monday, when we will once again attempt to pass off a Current Events Sonnet as actual content!

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B. Obama said...

Right there.