Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Are sonnets covered under the Geneva Convention?

That's right; much like Hillary Clinton herself, we just won't f***ing stop.

Current Events Sonnet #4 in D Minor

So Clinton got the West Virginia win,
Obama got John Edwards and his crew,
McCain's keen eyes have seen past 2010,
Meanwhile the war goes on; what else is new?
In China, millions weep for thousands dead
In Burma, no surprise, things still are rough
And in South Africa, still more have bled.
Bin Laden thinks we haven't killed enough.
Our president was in the Middle East
Bestowing peace and liberty for free
Our senator is not quite yet deceased
He's shaken but unstirred, just like the Wii.
In California, things are getting gay;
At least one Trekkie knows that that's okay.

Well, that's enough for one post. Be sure to tune in tomorrow, when Paul Burns will explain why third-party candidates (aside from himself, of course) never get any votes!


Sulu said...

On an unrelated note, if you haven't seen Galaxy Quest yet, you really should. I am a fictional character and I personally really enjoyed it, imagine what it could do for you.

Anonymous said...

I went to vote today in Kentucky and Paul Burns was NoT on the ballot!
What gives?

Brian Buckley said...

The election in Kentucky was a primary. Paul Burns is an independent candidate. ;-)